Film Review: Oloture reveals the nature of sex trafficking between Europe and Nigeria

Oloture Nigerian movie

Oloture, a young journalist had to go undercover as “Ehi”, a prostitute just to get the gory details and unmask the faces behind a major sex trafficking ring in Lagos. In her new world, she meets Linda, troublesome Vanessa and Blessing.

Blessing is the only prostitute that still with a pimp, Chuks, and she just can’t seem to escape his abusive grip on her. All the other girls, we are told, now operate in a digital world, through apps that requires no pimp and we can’t help but to feel sorry for Chuks, the pimp of an ‘analogue era’.

Ehi soon forms a bond with Linda who has been planning on traveling to Europe with her younger sister for a better life, and she is introduced to Alero, a retired prostitute who now recruits other prostitutes as ‘Forza Speciale’ – high call girls used as part of the sex trafficking ring to Europe.

But, before Ehi can infiltrate and get much needed intel on the gang, she must prove herself at an exclusive party hosted by a prominent Nigerian politician, Sir Philip. So far, she has been able to outmaneuver her would-be customers but at the party she can no longer pretend at being a prostitute and must either fully commit or risk blowing her own cover.

Will Ehi survive this ordeal? What will happen to Blessing and her relationship with her pimp?

Will Linda make it to Europe?

Find out all these and so much more in this daring movie Oloture, which means “ENDURANCE”.


This is the first movie I’ve seen  that tackles prostitution from an investigative point of view and I loved it. From the moment the main character jumped out of the window in one of the opening scenes, I was hooked.

This movie points to the horrors these women face while trying to hustle. It also touches on a few key issues most African girls growing up in hardship have to endure, including, how the rich and the powerful prey on the poor, issues of rape, domestic violence and even the culpability of Security Agencies in the human trafficking business.

In one scene, the girls are taken to a shrine and are made to lay in a coffin as part of the ritual. It felt so sureal and I can’t imagine the kind of fear this would instill if indeed that’s what happens in real life. This just highlights the strong psychological hold the traffickers have on these girls, which, oftentimes is far worse than any physical imprisonments.  

This film can be viewed in comparison with JOY (also showing on Netflix), which tells the story of the women after they have been trafficked to Europe.  Oloture, on the other hand is the earlier part of the journey and what they have to endure even before they leave the shores of Nigeria.

I highly recommend watching this film and due to scenes of nudity, sex and violence, I would not recommend watching it with children present. 

Produced by Heidi Uys, Temidayo Abudu and James Amuta

Directed by Kenneth Gyang

Screen play by Yinka Ogun and Craig Freimond


Sharon Ooja – Oloture, Ehi

Omowunmi Dada – Linda

Omoni Oboli – Linda

 Blossom Chukwujekwu – Emeka

 Ikechukwu Onunaku – Chuks

 Adebukola Oladipupo – Beauty

Kemi Lala Akindoju – Blessing

Sambasa Nzeribe – Victor

 Segun Arinze – Theo

Ada Umeh – Titi

Omawunmi – Sandra

Daniel Etim Effiong – Tony

David Jones David – Sheriff

Emmanuel Ilemobajo – Simon

Gregory Ojefua – Sami

Eunice Omoregie – Linda’s Mother

Patrick Doyle – Sir Philip

Pearl Okorie – Peace

Yemi Solade –  Jubril

Oloture is currently showing on Netflix and I will rate this movie an 8 out of 10

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Oloture Nigerian movie

Film Review: Oloture reveals the nature of sex trafficking between Europe and Nigeria

Oloture, a young journalist had to go undercover as “Ehi”, a prostitute just to get the gory details and unmask


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