In the Long Run

Created by none other than Idris Elba and set in 1980’s East London with all its racial intrigues, In the Long Run follows the life of a family African immigrants in London. 

Some of the stylistic choices in this like the African accents were a bit off-putting but you have to remember it is made primarily for an English audience so no ‘thick’ accents allowed. Also, I quite liked that the colour grading was intentionally darkened to mimic the era, which automatically took us back to the 80’s with the big box colour TV with round tuning knobs.  

I thought the jokes were a little bit too dry for my liking but again; it made primarily for the dry humoured Brits.  It was good to see pieces of old london  recreated, like the milkman doing his rounds and turntables spinning in a pub party.

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