Short Film: Not Supposed to be Here

Short film: Not supposed to be here

A short film by Jojo Silla and Katung Aduwak, Not supposed to be here explorers the different stereotypes that exists between African Americans and Africans in America. 

The producers want to drive home the point that the two have the same oppressors who view them as the same people while each one is desperately trying to differentiate from one another.

In light of the current climate, and the ongoing protests across America this short could not have come at a better time.

Everything about this short is powerful, from the message,  to way they chose to tell the story, the camera angles and even the animation was brilliant.

There was just so much to try to pack into a 10 minute film though. The remaining 5 minutes was reserved for the producers to discuss the film and their ideas in depth.

It does however try too hard balance the narrative on the African side. One side tells the African American story while the other narrates the African perspective. I will reserve my comments for now to keep this article spoiler free but will be happy to engage in the comments section if you want to know more. By then I do hope all would have at least watched the short film embedded below.

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